Author Laurie Boulden Welcomes You
Author Laurie Boulden          Welcomes You 

My Testimony

I am a follower of Christ, a Christian. I attend Trinity Baptist Church, and when pressed will call myself a Baptist. That does not adequately define who I am in Christ. I like my church, and I believe God has called me to be part of the ministry there. God calls many people to different churches that make up the body of Christ, The Church. While I believe there is only one way to Heaven, through Jesus Christ God’s son, I also believe there are many different types of churches that encompass the body of Christ.


Though I was blessed with a Christian upbringing, I became as the seed tossed among the thorns. By my early 20s I referred to myself as an atheist. That didn’t last long. God has continually tugged at my heart, though I refused for more than a decade to believe He was the one pulling. I turned to Eastern religions, ancient cults, even the universal life force. God allowed me to fall far and hard until in the dark silence I finally recognized the still small voice calling to me. Loving me. Forgiving me with a sweetness that has no earthly bounds. To have fallen so far and yet still find myself held in the hands of the creator of all things… unfathomable.


A decade later, I still have trouble with God’s character. The story of the flood reinforces the notion of how great and awesome and powerful our God is. He could have destroyed it all, started over again. But He knew there would be me, and there would be you. Everything that had to happen, both then and now, was because of us. Not because God wants to destroy us, but because He wants to love us, hold us, save us, bring us with Him into eternity. Wow, just one word for that- unfathomable.


Laurie Boulden



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