Author Laurie Boulden Welcomes You
Author Laurie Boulden          Welcomes You 

FLOOD: A Wife For Shem

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Merial, of the village of Amon Ra, looks to the fields and forests to escape the wickedness that prevails in the lives of the villagers. What she finds there offers more than she could ever hope. But those she cares about remain trapped in the village, and Merial will have to choose to join with the protected family of Noah, leaving the others behind, or be destroyed with all who remain of her kin.


FLOOD: A Wife for Shem takes readers on an incredible journey through a world condemned, aboard the rudderless ark upon the waters of a worldwide flood, and into a changed world where life begins anew. It’s more than the romance of Noah’s middle son, it’s the love of God for his creation and the path to redemption.


Endorsements: FLOOD: A Wife for Shem has received three novel awards from the Florida Christian Writers Conference: 2013, 2012, 2010


A Note from the Author:


This project began half a dozen years ago as a short story. During a Florida Christian Writer’s Conference, Ramona Tucker with OakTara books recommended writing the novel. There were three obvious sections: before the flood, during the flood, and after the flood. Each section had its own unique set of problems.


Before the flood, In a World Condemned, was the easiest section to write. My imagination can come up with all sorts of evils, and the world today is rife. During the flood, Upon the Waters, was a bit more difficult. But after all, with a plethora of animals, most unseen, and the hint of the serpent, things could get interesting. The most difficult section to write was After the Flood. Judgement has been sent, evil is gone--what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, evil isn’t gone. Noah’s family brought it with them through the flood, much the way we continue to carry evil within us today. Jealousy may have been a problem. The new environment in which they found themselves may have been a problem. The story grew.


Through Word Weaver critique groups and input from Fay Lamb with Pelican Books, the story Flood deepened. What has come to pass is a rich telling of Shem’s story. But remember, this is Shem’s story. Not all the parts of the Biblical telling of Noah’s flood has been retold. Not all of it fits in Shem’s story. Just as God perfectly preserved genetic code through the three sons and their wives, each couple has their own story to be told. The shaping of their lives has brought us to the world we inhabit today.

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