Author Laurie Boulden Welcomes You
Author Laurie Boulden          Welcomes You 

Meet Author Laurie Boulden

I have been writing since I was a child. My favorite class in high school was Writing Science Fiction. Having moved recently, I find that I have a collection of three tubs of various sizes, each holding a variety of spirals. Spirals filled with stories, ideas, poetry, thoughts -- all those things that make a writer who she is.


Even with a love of writing, and toying with stories off and on forever, I’ve never really felt pulled to publish until a few years ago. I earned by Bachelor degree at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I taught elementary science for a decade at Barnard Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I earned my Masters in Education from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. I moved to Florida and earned my PhD in Education from Walden University. Lots of education, both learning and teaching. It is what I love to do. But stories still spin my mind, and I can’t help putting words on a page. Wanting to see my name on a book in a bookstore.


The desire led to a search for local writing opportunities. I found Florida Christian Writers Conference. Attending the conference for several years has helped me hone my craft. It has fed my spirit and lifted my heart. FLOOD is a result of the conference, as well as several other projects. 



Laurie Boulden resides in Lake Wales, Florida. When she is not creating stories in her head, she works as an Assistant Professor of Education at Warner University. Family and friends are an important part of her life, as is her church, Trinity Baptist.


My Miniblog

Looking Forward to the Ark

I was excited to hear about the building of a lifesize ark. There is now an ark encounter. Learn more at this stie: I plan to make a visit in the spring. I'll bring a few of my books with me. Always good to expand an experience.


Was the Flood necessary?

Many people try to compare the modern age with the age of Noah. Evil is rampant in the hearts and minds of people, as it was in the beginning. Genesis 6: 5 says God saw that the wickedness of humans was great in the Earth, and that every imagination of the heart was continually evil. Watching the news, we might think the same ill of the world today. But there is a great difference between the age of Noah and the modern world.


The cross. We are fortunate enough to be living in the age of God’s grace. Jesus shed his blood on the cross to pay the debt of sin. Noah’s age had no such offering. The Flood became the means to preserve the line of Christ. Without the deluge, Noah’s family might never have survived. But God’s plan was perfect. God’s timing was perfect.


It still is today. God’s plan has not changed. He is leading us to the ultimate Flood, this one not of water, but of fire. The end result will not be a world still fallen, but the perfect rule of Jesus Christ.

 A Flood is coming, how will you survive?




Where was FEMA?

After most natural disasters strike, people around the world offer help as best they can. Many donate money. Some offer aid in the way of food, shelter, clothing, and clean water. Some help with rebuilding efforts. There is a natural compassion in many of us to ease the suffering of others.

The greatest natural disaster had no such response. When water poured from the sky for the first time ever, when the depths of the earth cracked and water bubbled up to cover it, nobody was there to help the millions caught in the deluge.


 It seems heartless, cruel even. A murderous flood where only a few chosen survive. It is cruel if you only look at that one little part. But open to the full picture, and you find a hundred years of warnings.


Did people want to hear that the choices they made went against God’s character? No. Did they want to repent? No. A hundred years of being warned that the unimaginable would result in their death did not change people’s heart. Their unwillingness to accept Noah’s message on faith caused them to drown

Does this sound familiar? The same warnings are being made today. The same consequence of death. An unimaginable ending will come. Will warnings be heeded? God has provided something better than the ark, Jesus Christ. All you need is to accept, by faith, that you are a sinner, in need of a savior. The dark days of the Revelation will no longer be something to fear or hope they are nothing more than a madman’s imagination.


A flood is coming. How will you survive?


A Matter of Time

In the story Flood: A Wife for Shem, time has an important role, but people don’t realize it. Noah and his family work for a hundred years to share God’s message of repentance as well as prepare for something they don’t understand. Merial wants to help her people, but time is running out and there are forces working to destroy them all.


Time is a precious commodity because we don’t know how much is there. Grandma Gerda turns 103 in four months. Her years are numbered well. On the other hand, four young men lost their lives in a car crash not far from where I live. Their years- much too short.


We don’t know how much time has been appointed to us. Right now is the only time we can be sure of to love fully, live richly, and work diligently for what is to come.


A flood IS coming, how will you survive?


These Days of Weather

Weather has a real way of shaping our lives. Days upon days of clouds and rain thankfully decreases the use of air conditioning, a real need in summertime Florida. Plants grow unchecked, and greening of nature is a beautiful thing. Until rain keeps us from the garden and what has previously been manicured, is soon unruly and wild. Inclement weather slows our travel plans, changes a beach day into a sit-on-the-couch-curled-up-with-a-book day.


Truly foul weather changes lives. Takes lives. Leaves lives in shambles. Changes the landscape into an unknown wilderness. Weather witnessed firsthand makes an impact.


In the story of the flood, it’s impossible to grasp the power of weather- the entire earth covered with water? Incomprehensible. Focus, instead, on the little part we can understand, the part that was witnessed. Forty days of deluge, a boat rocked by waves and wind, and eight souls trying to hang on to their sanity by caring for animals. Weather changed the lives of Noah and his family. Forever reshaped the world in which they had to live. Did they ever wish for the world that had been? Abundance instead of scarcity? Seasons marked by growth and harvest rather than cold and warmth? Just as we cannot go back, neither could they.


But we can prepare for the things we know will come. Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe storms with bouts of lightning. Our world is susceptible to these things. Being prepared is wise. Why not prepare for a different sort of storm, weather that will open the very gates of heaven and pour out upon the earth judgement that surpasses the original flood of Noah’s age? 


The flood of God’s judgement is coming, how will you survive?


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